After a wild weekend, the Texas and LSU football programs will be linked together for the next several years, maybe longer.

After a wild weekend, the Texas and LSU football programs will be linked together for the next several years, maybe longer.

For two days, both schools went hard after the same suitor: Tom Herman. When it was all said and done, Texas got him, and LSU was forced to go back to the guy they hope will be their ace in the hole: Coach Ed Orgeron.

After so much chaos, there are those that are angry on each side. There are many that are elated on each side.

There is one thing that is certain: Texas should be ashamed of themselves for the way they handled the situation.

LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva was in this chair last year. He let Les Miles hang out on a ledge for two weeks as rumors swirled that he would be firing Miles at the end of the season.

Rather than address these rumors through the media or have a talk with Miles one on one, he stood silent. It was an embarrassingly inept approach that made LSU look petty and incompetent.

I thought that the mess Alleva made would serve as a teaching tool to athletic directors across the country as what not to do when your coach is on the hot seat.

Apparently, Texas Athletic Director Mike Perrin was sleeping during class.

The way the school just dealt embattled head coach Charlie Strong with classless and just plain wrong.

Strong is a good coach and a great man. Things didn’t work out for him at Texas. It just wasn’t a good fit.

In three years there, Texas went just 16-21 and never finished with a winning record.

This season was make-or-break for Strong, but Texas showed no improvements. They finished with a 5-7 record—the same as 2015.

It was time for him to go, but the way Texas made the move was all wrong.

It was obvious midway through the season that they would be firing Strong at the end of the year. Even the most naive fan could see this coming.

When they lost to 1-9 Kansas, his fate was sealed.

Though, the school refused to make a move, despite reports surfacing that they were planning on firing him after the season finale.

They should have told him that he wouldn’t be coming back in 2017 and gave him a choice of whether to finish the season or to step down. Instead, they just let him hang around in limbo.

To make things even worse, within a few hours of firing him, they were already hiring their new head coach in Herman.

As for LSU, there were some angry that they “dropped the ball” on Herman and “settled” for Orgeron, but the way things played out, they did what was best for the program.

Herman or Jimbo Fisher would have both been great hires for the Tigers, but bottom line, neither coach wanted to come to Baton Rouge.

Fisher was demanding an outrageous amount of money. If he really wanted to come to LSU, that wouldn’t have been the case.

Herman never really wanted to come either. Texas was always his first choice. It’s where he started his coaching career. It was his dream job.

Word on the street is that it was Herman’s agent that leaked reports about he and LSU being in negations on Thursday night. It was a bargaining tool to get a sweeter deal from Texas.

It worked.

Texas became desperate and fired Strong, despite reports just a day earlier that they were leaning toward keeping him.

They are now set to pay Herman up to $6 million a year. For LSU to get him, they would have had to buck up even more.

Could they have afforded it? Sure. But why surrender to such unreasonable demands from a guy that doesn’t really want to be there?

And if not Herman or Fisher, Coach O was the best option.

He isn’t the same guy that went 10-25 at Ole Miss. He has learned from his mistakes and become a better coach for it.

He is a great motivator, a superb recruiter, he brings tremendous energy and he gets the best out of his players.

The way the team responded after its last three losses was the greatest indicator of how the team responds to him.

After the crushing loss to Auburn and the firing of Miles, they blew out Missouri, 42-7. After the loss to Alabama, they rolled over Arkansas on the road, 38-10. Following the tough defeat to Florida, they went on the road five days later to beat up on Texas A&M, 54-39.

Maybe Herman lives up to his potential and turns Texas back into a powerhouse, but at least we have a guy that we know will do anything and everything for a program he truly loves and wants to lead.

That includes altering the program’s philosophy on recruiting and bringing in a big-name offensive coordinator. This embracement of change is a promising sign. It’s something Miles refused to do late in his tenure.