When I started my position as editor of the Ascension publications, I was sure I would spend much longer than a year and a half with you, but sometimes plans change, and justly this is my last day as your editor.

My new plans will find me starting a job at the top of 2017, that is both a great opportunity for my family and much closer to my home in Baton Rouge. While I'm very thankful and excited to embark on my new journey, I will hold my time in Ascension Parish dear.

I have met wonderful people who exude kindness and graciousness, without some of whom, I wouldn't have lasted here a full week. To those people, you know who you are, thank you!

You all have given me much more than you could imagine, or than you'll ever fully know. We have been through so much together, especially in 2016. I was with you through the tornadoes, the political shuffle, the floods and even more personal issues with which you came to me. I thank you for sharing with me, and I hope that I was able to do my small part in helping you in whatever ways you asked.

My professional career in newspapers began only four years ago in Baton Rouge, with a small community newspaper. Because of this, telling the stories that really matter to people has been my number one priority. I hope I have shown you that through my work in your parish.

I learned so much working in Ascension - things that I can take with me through the rest of my professional career.

I'm leaving newspapers to work in public relations, a field I have many more years experience, and so, at least for now - The Donaldsonville Chief and the Weekly Citizen are my last papers.

It is no easy task telling the stories of an entire parish, so I hope that you will extend the same awesomeness that you've shown me to my successor, as well as to the editors who will be filling in until a new editor is named.

I wish you all the best, and a very happy 2017!

Leslie D. Rose