The city of Donaldsonville is working hard to provide relief from yesterdays tornado, but Mayor Leroy Sullivan wants to encourage people to remain patient.

"It's a process," Sullivan said. "Safety always comes first. I was watching the guys last night with just a headlight on their helmet and a light shining off their truck. It's a dangerous job, and they were out here working until after 10 o'clock."

Sullivan said he is working with Councilman Raymond Aucoin about holding a special meeting of the city council.

Donaldsonville Fire Chief Chuck Montero said that the American Red Cross actually closed the shelter located at 210 Plimsol Drive at noon on February 8 because no one checked in.

"There wasn't a need, so they shut it down," Montero said.

That may be a good sign. A police officer with the Ascension Parish Sheriff's office said that people in the affected areas are probably staying with family. It has been confirmed by Sullivan that there were no fatalities, but there were four total injuries in the area: one woman in the Historic District and three CF Industries workers.

Most of the street lights appear to be in working order again, and Montero said the power should be back up in most of the city by 10 p.m.

"We're anticipating that most of Donaldsonville should be within power by 10 o'clock tonight," Entergy Customer Service Manager Deanna Lafont said. "We had two main areas in the city with a concentration of damage. We have about 600 customers that are out in the Historic District. We have four broken poles on Clay Street and four on Lessard.

"St. Jude's Subdivision should be in by this evening, as well," Lafont said. "We were able to reconfigure how we're feeding that area to put those people in. The poles that are broken along River Road are not going to have to stand up to get those people in."

Volunteers from the Salvation Army in Baton Rouge served beef stew and green peas to anyone in need in front of Mt Zion Baptist Church on St Patrick Street.

"Things are going pretty good," Sullivan said. "Entergy is doing an awesome job to try to get the power back on as quickly as possible."

Those who wish to donate to tornado victims across Southeast Louisiana can do so in a variety of ways. Visit United Way or Red Cross online.

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