East Beauregard has hit a few bumps in the road early in the year, and the schedule does not lighten up for the Trojans, making tonight's game against Lake Arthur more important than usual.

East Beauregard sits at 1-2 on the year with the Tigers coming into town and will use its offense as its best defense to keep the potent Lake Arthur at bay.

Running backs Tory Levias and Torrell Levias combined for 265 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns in Lake Arthur's 47-33 win over Vinton last week. 

"They are very talented," East Beauregard head coach Gordy Glaser said. "They use a combination of backs and have a pair of brothers that are very, very good. They have run so many varieties of formations and interchange them. They do a good job of getting a mismatch and exposing that mismatch.

"We're attempting to be in the right place. We want to line up in the right place, according to our defense and our set. We just have to be in the right place for our defense."

The Trojans offense has remained the same under the Glaser and relies on a swarm of running backs to keep the chains moving.

"We have a combination of guys that step in for us," he said. "We're not trying to be one dimensional Usually, it's a pass-run offense, but we're a run-run where you have to figure out where we're running the ball. It also gives our kids a rest."

Zach Doucet, Devin Baumery, Devin Perkins and Konnor Seals head the rushing attack, but as many as six players can get touches out of the backfield.

East Beauregard fell to North Caddo in overtime last week, but put up 22 points in the fourth quarter after trailing 21-6 heading into the fourth quarter. Not only was it encouraging for Glaser to see his guys compete while trailing but it showed him that his team can do what it made it successful in the past.

"Last week, our offense rolled," Glaser said. "We looked like we did last year in week 8. We've been waiting for that. We'll make adjustments accordingly. The first two weeks, against Merryville and Elton, they put us in situations where they exposed some stuff. I'm sure Lake Arthur has something up their sleeve. They're well-coached. We just have to see when game time comes.

"Our kids did a great job, and our coaches did a great job. We went into our fast-mode offense and didn't spend as much time in the huddle. We lined up on the line of scrimmage and made things happen. It shows that we're never out of a game."

With matchups with Oakdale and DeQuincy looming on the schedule, East Beauregard will need to keep the momentum from last week's game going throughout the rest of schedule.

"Last week was a like a playoff atmosphere. This week will be like a playoff atmosphere," Glaser said. "We're playing a playoff caliber teams all the way through and across the board in 2A. We have to up our game just as much. There's no cupcakes. Everyone that we are playing has athletes and has a lot of them."