GateHouse News Service National Budget For 1/1/08 and 1/2/08 editions

GateHouse News Service National Budget   For 1/1/08 and 1/2/08 editions   Here are the top national stories coming today from GateHouse News Service. Stories are available at Please submit stories below no later than 6 pm local time, unless you have breaking news that is changing significantly.   Contacts: NOTE: Jean Hodges is on vacation this week. Contact Michael Toeset – (708) 785-4355, (630) 835-8870, – or Katie Anderson Bartholomew (nights) – 630-956-2598,       COOL STUFF:
LIFESTYLE PAGES: GateHouse News Service will begin offering weekly pages on these topics: Health, Food, Home, NASCAR (during the season) and Travel. We begin today with Health and Food. See links under Lifestyles below.
COLLEGE BOWLS: We’ll offer coverage of the Rose Bowl and the National Championship game, as well as a column from the Sugar Bowl. Budgets below.
PRIMARY DECISION MAKERS: Look at how Iowa and New Hampshire match up to America, in all kinds of demographics. FITZPATRICK
ART: pics of Iowa (by Rockford), New Hampshire (by Patriot Ledger) folks; video
WITH: numbers-based graphic, showing census comparisons (zoned for Illinois, Mass., NY, Missouri and Ohio)
BREAKOUT: What is a caucus?
RUN DATE: Before Jan. 3 (Iowa caucuses)
END-OF-YEAR CONTENT: You’ll find an end-of-year budget with links to stories such as the top weird stories, top movies, top music, highlights from “American Idol” and more.   Lifestyles (Tuesday is Health, Wednesday is Food)   ******begin LIFESTYLE PAGES******   PAGE SCHEDULE: The schedule and explainer for the new Lifestyle pages is here:   INTRODUCING THE HEALTH PAGE: The first of the Lifestyles pages from GHNS is posted here:   INTRODUCING THE FOOD PAGE: The Food page is posted here:   ******end LIFESTYLE PAGES******     ******begin RAILS******   NOTE: The Health, Food, Home&Garden and Travel rails are incorporated in the prepared pages (see above). We still will move the rails as before.   HEALTH WATCH: Weekly health rail, with items on terriers "helping" fight IPF in humans, common hangover myths and more.   FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Weekly food and drink rail, this week with a feature on the return of absinthe.   HOME HELP: Weekly home rail, with tips on how to remove candle wax from your carpet, an alternative to flimsy shower racks and more.   ******end RAILS******     GET PUBLISHED: Got a book in your head? Get it published. Here’s how.   SNACK MAN: Video: Snack man finds success is in the bag.   OH, CLEMENTINES: Sweet and easy to peel, clementines flavor flourless cake.   BOILING POINT: Jim Hillibish column: Pop a bottle of homemade ginger ale.   KID FOOD: What’s for lunch? Prepackaged foods aren't great for kids' health.   STUDENT SUPPORT: Young teacher with cancer finds support in students.   YOUNG & DEPRESSED: Depression not limited to adults; adolescents also affected.   KID SICK: Avoid parental panic when fevers climb.   CERVICAL CANCER: January puts the spotlight on cervical cancer/HPV.     Opinions   NEW YEAR'S CARTOONS: A selection of editorial cartoons and illustrations related to the New Year.   TOM MARTIN: Election: Issues are important, but most of us simply aren’t experts on policy. We are, however, good at reading people. We do it daily. Some of us are better than others, but we all learn to pick up signs, visual and verbal, that help us assess a person.   LORETTA LAROCHE: A little bit of gratitude can make a big difference.   RICK HOLMES: The best books of the year (that we've read).   DEIRDRE REILLY: Moms can be Guitar Heroes, too.     Sports   NADEL: Lovie Smith's "narrow defeat argument" is silly because the Bears had plenty of narrow victories, too. As soon as the Bears realize they were 7-9 because they deserved to be 7-9, they'll be able to address their many problems. Early evening / Mike Nadel, Sports Columnists -Note: Nadel will be on vacation the rest of this week.   CRAIG MUDER: Resolutions can make 2008 a great sports year.   SUGAR BOWL COLUMN: (Tuesday for Wednesday), Todd Porter, Canton. / College Sports and Sports   ROSE BOWL SPECIAL: LIVES FILLED WITH ROSES
Package on Illinois' first appearance in the Rose Bowl in 1947 in lead-up to the present-day team’s appearance on New Year’s Day.
MAIN STORY: How Mr. Illini inspired the 1947 conference championship team of  WWII veterans mixed with younger.
WITH: Vignettes on several players from the 1947 team, who provide personal insight into the meaning of the game, the return from World War II and a life full of memories.
BREAKOUTS: List of Illinois' appearances in Rose Bowl, 1947 box score and Illinois' results from that season.
ART: photos and video.
Preliminary Rose Bowl budget

GateHouse News Service reporter John Supinie will be on the scene in Los Angeles covering the practices and press conferences leading up to the Rose Bowl game between Illinois and USC on Jan. 1. He will file daily reports and shoot video. Here's a preliminary outline for his stay in Los Angeles. (Topics may change. Updates daily on GateHouse News Service budget.)

For Tuesday:
Game preview. Preview capsule. Sidebar or notes.

For Wednesday:
Game story. Report card. Sidebar/notes.

For Thursday:
Illinois season year-ender and a look to next season.

Jan. 1
REDEMPTION: Jim Tressel says Ohio State is not heading to New Orleans for redemption, but actions are speaking louder than words and Ohio State players admit they’re not only playing for this year, but last as well. CANTON
Jan. 2
TODD PORTER COLUMN: Marcus Freeman and growing up on and off the field. The birth of his first child, Freeman said, had nothing to do with his production this year. The former Parade All American turned himself into an elite college football linebacker by studying and working at it. CANTON
Jan. 3 From New Orleans TBD Main ... Column ... notes
Jan. 4 From New Orleans TBD Main ... Column ... notes
Jan. 5 From New Orleans TBD Main ... Column ... Notes
Features will include
Kirk Barton has grown up from a shy kid in a suburb of Canton to a media darling at Ohio State. Barton, a co-captain, has been a go-to guy for Head Coach Jim Tressel. “If you’d have asked me a year ago if I’d missed him, I would have said no,” Tressel said.
Possible Nadar Abdallah feature who grew up in New Orleans and had family affected by Katrina
• Mike Popovich will have a feature story on QB Todd Boeckman, to run TBD when it fits our budget ... possibly on game day.
• Josh Weir will be sending color and atmosphere stories from New Orleans starting Jan. 4. He also will be shooting video of fans, scenes, parties, etc., for use on Web sites.
• We will release what for us will be a 10-page preview section for publication Monday, Jan. 7. Four stories, matchups and other tidbits to be included.     News   DOGFIGHTING: Animals evidence of dogfighting's toll.
    with: Brutal training teaches dogs how to fight, experts say.
    with: Guard dogs protect owners but pose risks.   VIETNAM NEW YEAR: Veteran remembers New Year's Eve in Vietnam.   BB GUN RAMPAGE: 130 cars in Boston area hit in BB gun spree: