BATON ROUGE – First Lady Donna Edwards and Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Dr. Chuck Carr Brown proudly unveiled Louisiana’s first anti-litter amongst throngs of environmental enthusiasts gathered for the Keep Louisiana Beautiful annual state conference last Thursday at the Galvez Conference Center.

After unveiling the slogan at the conference, Edwards and Brown appeared outside and carefully placed a bumper sticker on an awaiting state vehicle, the first of approximately 12,000 state vehicles that will proudly bear the message on their bumpers this fall. The winning slogan was selected after a summer-long contest, which challenged ad agencies across the state to create a catchy and positive anti-litter slogan and bumper sticker design that would convey the message about keeping our state clean, beautiful and litter-free.

OCTAGON Media of Baton Rouge created the slogan that was ultimately selected among dozens received across the state. Their slogan and design, featuring the words “Love the Boot, Don’t Pollute” met all of the criteria that Keep Louisiana Beautiful, which sponsored the contest in cooperation with First Lady Donna Edwards and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, had hoped to see.

“We received so many brilliant, catchy slogans about keeping our state clean but ultimately wanted to go with one that emphasized a positive action – in this case, loving our state,” said Susan Russell, executive director of Keep Louisiana Beautiful. “To ‘Love the Boot’ means that we actively take care of it, honoring its resources and protecting its unique beauty and ecology. That’s why this particular slogan hit home for us. It conveys our hopes for what we hope people will feel when they read the message, and what we think we can accomplish with this campaign.”