Donaldsonville District Downtown Development Director Lee Melancon was appointed the Director of Community and Economic Development, a new position created to assist in organizations and boards throughout the city, not just for the downtown district.

"I think that we can grow this, it's a part time thing and we need to start slow," Melancon said. "Some of the things we propose will take time."

The contract between the City and management company MPower Group will be for 12 months.

The council approved a motion to authorize the mayor to sign an Emergency Lease Agreement and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with DNSAP for use of the Lemann Center in the event of an emergency to issue food stamps and other supplies to residents.

A motion was approved adding a change order to the light bids at Crescent Park for $60,700 of road tax money. Mayor Sullivan said he thinks the same lights used at the park need to be added along the median at Mississippi St. to create unity in the area.

A corporate endeavor agreement was approved with the Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce for the Sunshine Festival Beauty Pageant to be held at the Lemann Center on Nov. 18. The festival will be held at the fairgrounds from Nov. 17 to Nov. 20.

The council also approved a contract between the Mayor and Ascension Parish Government Recreation for a 20 foot by 20 foot area of property in the City limits for the location of an electronic sign that will be used for City and Parish use.

Fire Chief Chuck Montero gave the September fire report, in which there were a total of 98 calls consisting of 63 medicals calls, 21 other calls, four hazardous condition calls, seven false alarms, and three structure fires. There was also a total of 353 man hours of training completed.

For the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office September report, there was 556 service calls, 121 traffic citations, 106 adult arrests, 53 vehicle accidents, 49 alarm calls, 22 thefts, nine burglaries and four narcotic calls.