Registration and fundraising is underway for the 5th annual Baby Steps Infertility Awareness Fun Run, which will be held Saturday November 18, at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center. Sarah's Laughter will give away a $10,000 grant for fertility treatment or adoption services, and the Fertility Institute of New Orleans will donate a free In Vitro Fertilization cycle, plus six $1,500 treatment vouchers.

One in eight couples struggles with infertility, according to Sarah's Laughter. That's the same rate as breast cancer. But health insurance does not usually cover treatment. Since 2014, the organization has given away over $30,000 in grants, six IVFs, and many other procedures through the Baby Steps Fun Run.

“To the world at large, infertiles are one in eight,” said Beth Forbus, founder of Sarah’s Laughter. “But at Baby Steps, they’re one of us.”

Baby Steps provides a sense of community ans support for those suffering with infertility, as many facing this challenge tend to self-isolate. This event gives those couples a chance to discuss their struggles with friends and family.

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