On Tuesday, October 2, MCIO Head Start held Proclamation Day, celebrating Head Start's 52nd birthday and proclaiming October to be Head Start Awareness Month.

This event, held at MCIO Head Start's Billy J Rabon Center, celebrates the many services in early learning, health, and family welfare that Head Start provides to families across the nation. The celebration started with Bastrop Mayor Henry Cotton proclaiming the month of October to be Head Start Awareness Month in Bastrop, Louisiana. “I have always loved Head Start,” said Cotton. “It has provided over 10 million families with services.” Afterwards, Morehouse Sheriff Mike Tubbs spoke about Head Start and its importance. “We know how important it is to our city and the impact it has,” said Tubbs. Bastrop Chief of Police, Allen Campbell, also spoke and encouraged the children to have fun with the celebration. After the speakers, Mrs. Ethel Robinson, the Center Director, declared the start of the festivities, and balloons were released by the children. The festivities included hoppers for the children, as well as an opportunity to tour an ambulance and fire truck and ask questions about them. The Billy J Rabon center is very happy to be sharing the importance of head start with the community, joining in the celebration with 15,000 other Centers across the nation.