A workshop to discuss a proposed pet licensing/registration program will be held by the Beauregard Parish Police Jury’s Legislative Committee on Tuesday at 11 a.m. The workshop precedes an afternoon of committee meetings leading to the 6 p.m. monthly jury meeting.

Legislative Chairman Carlos Archield said workshops are customarily scheduled for an hour’s duration. They give jurors the opportunity to more thoroughly discuss a particular proposal than does an normal committee session.

James Perkins and his wife Debbie McLain and others propose the parish create the licensing program.

They have also brought front and center needed improvements at the parish animal shelter. Some of those improvements, they point out, are seemingly required by state law.

A licensing program would provide a means of reuniting lost or runaway dogs with their owners, proponents say.

Fees paid by dog owners would provide a revenue stream that would help pay for improvements at the shelter, which is located behind the parish jail.

The workshop will also provide a forum for discussing handling donations contributed by the public for specific use at the shelter. 

Jurors have a full slate of committee sessions Tuesday afternoon.

Mike Harper’s Ways & Means Committee at 3 p.m. will again address the issue of a P.G.T. Beauregard statue. This time, Charles Marsala, of Save NOLA Heritage, will talk about the possibility of building and erecting a statue of the Confederal general and placing it in the parish.

A statue taken down from its long-time New Orleans pedestal is the subject of debate among parish citizens. Some want to move it here and put it on the courthouse square, a project to be financed with private dollars; others contend that sends the wrong message and are steadfastly opposed. The most recent proposal is to build a new statue, sans the general’s Confederate uniform.

At 4 p.m., the Personnel Committee will consider resignations from four Covered Arena Authority members as well as rescinding the recent appointment of another, and it will consider appointment of the jury president to the Authority. There is some question as to the legal standing of the the Authority, a question likely to be discussed. The committee will also discussed the Airport Board. Ronnie Libick is chairman.

Other committee meetings Tuesday include Insurance at 2:30, Economic Development at 3:30, and Finance at 4:30.

The agenda for the full jury’s 6 p.m. meeting includes finalizing the language of a resolution urging the Sabine River Authority and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to enact procedures consistent with their mission and design to reduce downstream flooding from imminent water events.

The parish wants the SRA to have the flexibility to discharge water from the reservoir when signifiant rain events are pending, rather than wait until the rain happens and the reservoir fills, followed by extraordinary discharge, which causes flooding from the dam to the Gulf coast.

Support from other parishes, as well as Texas counties in the Sabine River floodway, will be sought before the resolution move on the state and federal officials.