The Leesville City Council Members are excited about a new industry setting up shop in the area.

Wade Lyle with Champion Mobile Homes was present at the council meeting on Monday. He brought a lease agreement with him, which was executed afterwards, with council approval.

The lease is for Buildings A (126,000 square feet) and B (132,00 square feet) at Leesville’s Northside Industrial Park.

Lyle said he expects the plant to be up and running within the 2018 calendar year. It is projected that the factory will create 200-plus jobs over time.

Council voted to allow Mayor Rick Allen to sign an agreement between Leesville and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) for sidewalk construction at the site of the to-be-constructed roundabout at Boone Street and Hwy. 171.

The resolution initially stated the city would pay for and construct new sidewalks. “We rejected that,” said Allen. “They sent it back with language we agreed on,” Allen said. “The city will keep and maintain current sidewalks the way we do on the north circle.”
The Leesville Planning and Zoning Commission recommended that the council approve an ordinance to revoke an undeveloped street-- North Street, between Gladys and 10th Streets.

A portion of the street has been identified as city right-of-way, but has been regularly utilized as a driveway.

The change divides this segment of the street by the center line and has been acquired by adjacent property owners. Council approved unanimously.

Planning and Zoning also recommended, and council adopted, an ordinance to permit the placement of a mobile home in a single family urban district within District 4.

Allen was granted permission, via council vote, to sign a servitude agreement presented by Woodlands Healthcare Center, LLC. It grants a 10-foot-wide utility servitude across a portion of the property owned by Leesville.

The first iteration of the resolution had previously been changed because a gas line would have been installed in the same proximity as water and sewer.  “We didn’t want to deal with a gas line every time we have to do something to water and sewer,” Allen said. “It will be on north side of that driveway and out of our way.”