Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs signed a long-term lease with the Morehouse Parish School Board to take over the property at School Street and S. Franklin, which was once the site of the School Boards bus barn. In doing so Tubbs was able to consolidate several functions at the location, some of which were formerly done in Collinston.

The Sheriff's Office has recently begun to utilize it's new Operations Center on the property. The Operations Center was made possible by state capitol outlay funds which were obtained with the assistance of the local state legislative delegation.

"It has been a painstaking 4-5 year project," Tubbs said.

The Sheriff has been able to consolidate the department's Operations, fleet maintenance, and Homeland Security operations at the building. Tubb's has bigger plans for the location once additional funding can be secured.

As the State of Louisiana's Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board has begun to require additional continuing education hours of law enforcement officers each year, Tubbs would like to rehabilitate one of the older buildings on the property into a state of the art classroom and training facility that could be used by all local public safety agencies.

At the same time, he has been at work cleaning up the property and would still like to remove some of the older dilapidated buildings on the site.

"We are only a few blocks from the Courthouse Square," Tubbs said. " We want to do our part in keeping the area attractive and nice and neat."

Other long-range goals for the site include trying to locate a helicopter landing zone for the use of public safety organizations, in addition to giving medical evacuation helicopters a secure, lighted and marked landing zone for evacuating persons for medical care.