Two juvenile females were charged with criminal mischief after prank-calling the police on Tuesday afternoon, while riding the bus home from school.

Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office Chief James Mardis said the two girls dialed 9-1-1 on their way home from Beekman Charter School as a prank.

"They told 9-1-1 they needed a Med Life Ambulance due to being hurt in the Beekman Charter School bathroom," he said. "They had everyone searching for them."

Mardis said the phone call pinged the girl's location by Memorial Park Cemetery and the Sheriff's Department was able to locate the bus. The two girls were brought to the police department and charged with criminal mischief.

"This was a dangerous situation," he said. "School officials were in a panic looking for two injured girls in a bathroom, and there are people who legitimately need help but instead we are all trying to help a fake call."

Mardis said the offense was serious and hopes the juveniles have learned not to prank call the police.