"I wish this could be finished sooner."

Roundabouts can be confusing at first, but reading the signs and familiarizing yourself beforehand will make it less of a challenge.

Instead of driving minutes out somewhere before you can turn around, having a roundabout saves time on that end. It also allows for the ease of congestion in high volume areas. Fatalities are reduced by ninety percent, and injury crashes are reduced by seventy-six percent when roundabouts are put in place.

On September 25, Louisiana Development of Transportation and Development had their second public meeting for the roundabout that they have planned to implement soon.

Rodney Mallett, Communications Director for DOTD, said, "A year ago, some of the public made valid points concerning where we originally planned to put the roundabout, so we went and revised it, and moved it closer to La 941."

Anna Hanks, Project Manager of DOTD, said, "We'll be widening La 44 from two lanes to four lanes, which is at least an extra 1,000 feet. This will go all the way to the new roundabout. Completion depends on whether we have to make more revisions after this public meeting or not."

Other things that may push back the completion date includes the movement of utilities like gas, water, and sewage pipes. Funding for this project is coming from both state and federal money.

Roundabouts create greater safety, because they reduce speeds and create smooth-flowing traffic with less stop-and-go movement. It also allows for the improvement of landscaping and less pavement.

Bill Dawson, District 2 Councilman, said, "I can't wait for this project to be done. The traffic by Pelican Point to the interstate is always so backed up. If you're trying to turn, someone can maybe wait up to five minutes before they have that opportunity. I wish this could be finished sooner."

The projected completion date is 2021, assuming the DOTD won't have to go back and revised their plans again.

When approaching a roundabout, you should always begin to slow down to about 10-15 mph. Be sure to always look for pedestrians and bicyclists. Bicyclists must merge, and you must stop for pedestrians by law. Always yield to the cars on your left. If the road is clear, you may enter the roundabout by going to the right.

Lastly, Do not stop in a roundabout, and do not try to pass a bicyclist. There will be directional signals that tell you where you can exit a roundabout. As you begin to exit, make sure to watch for pedestrians and to use your blinker.

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