Betty Cicero Robert publishes novel about South La. family

Betty Cicero Robert, a native of Baton Rouge and resident of Ascension Parish, is 81 years young having just published her first novel, Being Loved and Loving, about a south Louisiana sugar cane family, the Ducaines. The roles of wife, mother and career woman have kept Betty busy until recently to focus on her passion, writing her novel. Being Loved and Loving, is now available for purchase and will be available for sale at the upcoming Louisiana Book Festival on November 10 in downtown Baton Rouge at the State Library of Louisiana, the State Capitol and at other nearby locations. It is the story of Gabrielle Ducaine, a young widow who endures many hardships, including a grave illness, as she seeks to survive the traumas and place her trust in God.

“It’s been a life-long dream of mine to become an author,” said Betty. “Who knew it would take me 80 years to have the time to do it. Being Loved and Loving has been my project on and off for the last 25 years. Now it’s published and I’m looking forward to sharing it with my family, friends and my community.”

The story takes place in south Louisiana. Two generations of the Ducaine family have earned their living harvesting sugar cane. The story shares their trying times—financial losses and incurable illnesses—but the family matriarch, Gabrielle, never loses her faith, even when faced with deception and heart-break from the one she loved the most.

Being Loved and Loving is a heart-wrenching account of one woman’s amazing courage and endurance to survive life’s most painful events.

To purchase a book, please email Each book is $22 plus tax.