The first meeting of 2019 was a really quick one but it couldn’t take place until after the re-elected council members each took their oath of office on Monday evening.

Mayor Clarence Beebe also introduced the newly elected Hornbeck Police Chief, Melissa Martelle, to those who attended the meeting.

Chief Martelle is the first female to be elected to the position of Police Chief in all of Vernon Parish.

Her position as chief is currently a temporary one as she is still employed with the Leesville Police Department.

City business was then conducted with Mayor Beebe asking for a motion to accept Resolution No. 01-2019, the Appoint Alderman Resolution. Alderman Terri Whiddon made the first motion, seconded by Jonathan Hyatt.

Final business on the agenda was Police Jury Resolution No. 02-2019. Jonathan Hyatt made the first motion, seconded by Greg Lantier.

The next Hornbeck Town Council meeting will be Monday, February  at 6 PM.