The Morehouse Parish School System recently closed Pine Grove and H. V. Adams, and this week, teachers are preparing for when students return on Thursday, January 10, at the remaining newly consolidated schools.

As per the School Board's plan all Pine Grove and H. V. Adams Pre-K moved to Morehouse Magnet, Elementary from H.V. Adams moved to Morehouse Jr. High, Elementary at Pine Grove moved to Delta, and all seventh and eighth graders moved to Bastrop High.

Teachers moved to their new schools Wednesday, December 19, to Friday, December 21. The community rallied to support them aiding in packing and moving boxes and providing needed supplies. Mr. Ralph Davenport coordinated volunteers. Locals saw it as a chance to spread Christmas cheer and to lift others up in a challenging time. Teachers were very grateful for the locals who offered their assistance.

“Morehouse Parish showed up and showed out!” commented teacher Tara Andrepont on Facebook. “Thank you to everyone for all the hard work, and thank you for reminding me how awesome my hometown can be!”

Monday, January 7, teachers headed back to prepare for the semester at their new schools. Though it may take time to adjust to their new surroundings the teachers are doing well so far and the students are becoming accustomed to the new schools they will be attending starting Thursday.

“Everyone is pulling together to make this a smooth transition, especially the students,” said the Delta Instructional Facilitator. “There is an excitement in the air almost like the first day of school.”

Some students are taking it in stride and are quite happy with the new schools they will be going to.

“I am excited about going to a bigger school,” said Matthew Lewis.

He noted that he's looking forward to playing basketball in the big gym at Morehouse Junior High.

According to the Delta Instructional Facilitator, Superintendent Gray, as well as some School Board members, have been visiting in the schools encouraging and helping as needed.

Parents will be able to meet their student's teachers and see their new schools at an Open House to be held Wednesday, January 9 at each school from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Schools will be closed from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. for lunch.

Teachers are settling in and hope, even through the many changes, to have a productive and successful semester.