A Fort Polk soldier went above and beyond the call of duty on Monday morning. PV2 Devon Tillotson, 204th MP CO was on leave in his home state of Connecticut when disaster struck. Tillotson was driving when a vehicle in front of him struck a motorcyclist who had stopped. 

The vehicle that struck the victim was traveling over 70 miles per hour and caused the victim severe injuries. Tillotson immediately responded by leaving his vehicle, and assisting the victim. The victim’s leg was severely injured, and mangled. Tillotson applied a tourniquet and prevented further bleeding from the leg by applying pressure to the tourniquet. 

Tillotson kept the victim alert and conscious until EMT’s could arrive. According to the 519th Military Battalion, police who responded to the scene reportedly said that the motorcyclist would have died if not for Tillotson’s action.

In honor of his bravery and quick reaction to the crisis, the 519th Military Battalion presented Tillotson with an Impact Army Accommodation Award (ARCOM). 

The 519th Military Battalion posted the following on their Facebook Page: “Despite being on a major highway, PV2 Tillotson refused to leave the victim’s side until he was passed off to proper care. The state police reported that without the actions of PV2 Tillotson, the motorcyclist would have surely died. We are proud of you PV2 Tillotson! Strike Hard!”