ACUD awards project contract

Peter Silas Pasqua
ACUD No. 1 board members are from left, bottom; Oliver Hooper, Oliver Joseph and Harry Thibodeaux. Top, Herbert Brunswick, Billy Barrient, Kirk Delatte and Ronald Julien.

Ascension Consolidated Utilities District No. 1 awarded a project contract in the amount of $2.769 million upon the recommendation of its engineer Monday to construct water distribution facilities on the west bank of Ascension Parish.

Engineer Glenn Shaheen said the low bid came in $300,000 over budget.

"I think that is pretty good over the year," chairman Oliver Joseph said.

Tullier's Services Inc. of Plaquemine was awarded the contract. The board received a total of six bids with the two lowest bids with less than a $2,000 difference.

Shaheen said the contract should be finalized within the next two weeks.

Joseph said funding for the project comes from bonds, grants and a tax millage approved in 2006. Upon completion the water utility service is expected to service 900 customers.

The next phase of the project includes installing water towers at sites near CF Industries and Palo Alto.

Shaheen said the Palo Alto site is being considered for elimination, allowing for a bigger tank at the CF Industries site.

"We think that is where the commercial growth in the district is going to be," Shaheen said.

Shaheen said the CF Industries site tank size may increase from 250,000 gallons to 400,000.

Shaheen said the board has $625,000 budgeted for next phase.