Women learn defensive techniques

LaTreshia Simon Special to The Donaldsonville Chief

Last Thursday evening, a self-defense class for women was held at the Ascension Parish Library in Donaldsonville.

Capt. C. J. Matthews of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office presented the attendees with concepts and skills on how they can defend themselves during an assault.

Matthews said women should keep a positive attitude in order to avoid a physical attack.

"You can do more for your own self defense in your mind than you can running or working out,” Matthews said.

He continued that women have to be aware of their surroundings at all times and must fight with all of their might to survive an attack.

Not only should women protect themselves from public attacks but also from social media dangers. There are anonymous predators who use social networks to their advantage to come in contact with women. They would befriend women to gain their trust and to get their personal information.

Matthews said women should be careful about the information they put on a social media site. They should pay attention to privacy settings and know their friends and what information they are sharing with their friends. Women also need to avoid sharing their locations when they are out in public. Sharing your location on a social media website is called geo mapping.

If I’m a bad guy looking to do bad things, I know you are not at home. If I’m a bad guy looking for a single female, I know where you are located,” Matthews said.

Keys, pens and shoe heels are improvised weapons.

I know some of the ladies get dressed and put on those tall heels,” Matthews said. “A shoe heel in the eyeball can hurt too.”

He concluded his presentation with defensive tactics which are reactionary gap, palm heel strike, straight punch, supra-scapular stun and knee strike.

Matthews said that it is very important for women to take precautions to protect themselves from harmful attacks. Be aware of your surroundings. Walk around your vehicle, take a look in your backseat before entering your vehicle and wait until you reach your destination before browsing on your cellular device.