A Sister Thing

Juanita C. Pearley Executive Director, Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce

Staying connected and enjoying each other is what it’s about. There is nothing like family being close and being there for each other.

"What happens between SISTERS stays between SISTERS.” That was the signature t-shit for Annette Fontenot and her sisters visiting from Texas. Each year the siblings and friends gather to bond. This year Annette was the coordinator for the group and after calling Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce, for information about the town and things to do, her decision was made to visit here.

Donaldsonville it was for lodging and a visit to Oak Alley Plantation. The group was given a personal tour of the town. They were fascinated with their dining experience at the Grapevine, both the food and entertainment. The ladies did not let the rain stop them for enjoying their day.

We never would have guessed there was so much history and beauty in this small town.” they said.

Although they were amazed by the sites of the buildings, their hearts were captured when they went into Bellina’s Grocery store on St. Patrick St. They took pictures of everything, and could not believe that such a store was still in operation. This trip was worth letting everyone know about, except for those secrets that occur between SISTERS.