New Enforcer in Town

Juanita C. Pearley Executive Director, Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce
Murray Walker, City Code Enforcement Officer

The City of Donaldsonville recently hired Murray Walker as its Code Enforcement Officer. No, this is not a new position designed to give someone a job. It is a position that has been in effect for some years, however it was on again, off again filled by an employee.

Walker is no stranger to anyone in this city, so now when you see him coming with that big smile he always has when he greets you, he may not be visiting you for pleasure. His job is to enforce the ordinances of the city and make sure that the citizens obey and comply with those regulations. It’s the law and it will be enforced. You will take heed to your warning or receive a citation and be expected to pay the fine.

In order to keep our city clean and beautiful, you have to first take pride in what is yours. Even if you are a renter you still need to have a sense of responsible for the property that you occupy and comply with the rest of the residences in your neighborhood to keep the area clean and orderly.

So beware of the “New Enforcer” because he will be coming after you next. It’s sometimes a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Walker, Code Enforcement Officer will be all around town, watch for him in your area. If you feel he is needed to come visit your area, please contact city hall and leave a message.