Rotary News

Rotary Club of Donaldsonville
Rotary President Matt Leblanc, David Alexander (APSB), Rotarians Sid Marchand, Jr. and Robyn Penn Delaney.

Yellow Dot

Elizabeth Fiato with the Donaldsonville Fire Department was the guest speaker at the Sept. 8 Rotary meeting.

Fiato informed the club of the progress made by the fire department and how you can get involved in the Yellow Dot Program. The program will allow emergency responders to attend to your medical needs and get you help much faster. Make sure you register for this program which will be implemented very soon.

School Review

This week Ascension Parish School Board Superintendent David Alexander was the guest speaker at the weekly meeting of the Donaldsonville Rotary Club.

Alexander gave an update regarding how the students are adjusting to the change of time schedules and school attendance location, as well as, the amount spent for the upgrade of our local schools.

The Donaldsonville Rotary Club hosts its meetings on Thursday at noon at Cafe Lafourche, 817 Veterans Blvd., Donaldsonville.