Residents learn money management at Mt. Zion

Staff Report
David Kessler speaks at Mt. Zion seminar.

On Sept. 28, several members of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Donaldsonville attended a money management seminar presented by The Bank of Commerce in White Castle.

Pastor Darryl Smith opened the meeting with a prayer and Mayor Leroy Sullivan was among the attendees. David Kessler, President of The Bank of Commerce shared banking and budget information. Marjorie Landry, CEO, Amy Berthelot, Faye Lewis and Leslie Avants also offered the group tips and information.

Kessler explained that Donaldsonville is included in the bank’s service area designated by the FDIC and The Bank of Commerce wanted to make sure all residents were aware of the services and products available. He discussed loans, lending practices, CDs, checking and savings accounts, ATMs, debit cards and a wide variety of other banking topics.

The importance of saving was stressed and Kessler outlined the bank’s debt-to-income ratio rationale when making lending decisions. Everyone received handouts about identity theft, cybersecurity and safe online banking practices, as well as a green piggy bank, pencils and koozies. After the presentation, members were treated to cookies and soft drinks.

We are excited to partner with Pastor Darryl Smith, Mt. Zion Baptist Church and their congregants to help residents in Donaldsonville and White Castle better understand their finances,” said David Kessler, President of The Bank of Commerce.