Assessor’s Office’s nets first Borrow the Barrel partner

Staff Report
Security Plan Life Insurance employees Front Row: Lucinda Comeaux, Ashlee Richard, Hannah Arvel; Back Row:  Jamie Louque, Mary Rivere, Sherry Miller and Dawn Schexnayder.

Security Plan Life Insurance of Donaldsonville has become the first partners in the Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office “Borrow the Barrel” food drive. The company filled two filled barrels within two weeks.

The Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office launched its Assess and Assist Project in July to help combat hunger in the parish. The food that is being collected is disbursed to all of the local food banks throughout Ascension.

If your office, business, church, etc. would like to partner in combatting hunger in the parish, contact the Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office at (225) 473-9239 and ask for Holly or Nell, to have a food barrel or smaller bin delivered to your site.