What a blessing

Juanita C. Pearley Special to The Donaldsonville Chief

     Sometimes the holidays can be a time of sorrow when you are not able to give your children the things you would like or those things that they want.

     Thanks to those who care and love giving, they make it possible for families in this type situation to have something. It was proven by such people like those at The Church of Donaldsonville, Donaldsonville Downtown Development, Murray Walker and the Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce as they presented Heidi Theriot and her children with food, toys, games, and clothes.  

     The children, Trinity Gilmore, 10;  Blaze Himel, 13 and Chevy Ramos, 11 each   received a gift bag tailored to their individual need.

     These were a blessings for the family from all of the people from Donaldsonville that shared in the need to give.