Chateau D'Ville faces harsh allegations

Stephen S. Gaines / Staff Intern and Greg Fischer

THE ISSUE: A resident suffered unusual treatment in the nursing home and the family claims abuse and neglect.

LOCAL IMPACT: The nursing home residents and family of patients are fed up.

Nearly three months ago, the Chateau D’Ville rehab and retirement home celebrated its new makeover on April 27, 2017. Now the Chateau is facing strong allegations from patients and their families.

Mistreatment, stealing and neglect are three complaints filed by a woman named Paige Guidry to the Louisiana Department of Health regarding the treatment of patients at the hands of the Chateau D’Ville. Guidry then reached out to The Donaldsonville Chief, saying that patients are being treated poorly, and that the conditions there are not suitable for a retirement home.

Guidry spent time at Chateau D'Ville on a daily basis for nearly two months. She said that there are live roaches, jewelry being taken by the nurses and patients’ call buttons being placed where patients cannot reach them. A live roach was found under the lid of one man's dinner.

Another patient had a handmade bracelet that Guidry made for her after learning that she adored handmade jewelry products. One day the patient was notably depressed when she couldn’t find her jewelry. When Guidry notified the nurses, they laughed and told her that the jewelry was in the laundry room.

Furthermore, Guidry's friend Joe Crochet was enrolled at the retirement home. Crochet was blind most of his life and was battling cancer during his time at the retirement home. Living with his disabilities, Crochet often needed personal attention, especially when he needed to use the bathroom. In order for the nurse to care for his needs, he used a call button to notify the nurses anytime he needed them. But according to Guidry, the nurses were fed up with his constant ringing. In response, they took the button off his bed rail and threw it on the floor.

Then, they placed the button on the foot of his bed were he couldn’t reach it. One day Guidry found Crochet hanging off his bed. She called the nurses, and one came. When the nurse was questioned as to why she didn’t attend to him, she said that he was too weak to get up. Then, she refused to help Joe. Instead, she insisted that it was her time to clock out and walked away from the scene.

Things escalated when Guidry called Administrator Casey Kennedy. She told him about the incident and told to him to do something or she’ll call the police. According to Guidry, Kennedy then told her that if she did call the police he would have the right to remove her from the premises.

She hung up on him, and then walked outside with her friend who has also Joe’s nephew Daniel Crochet. When she got outside, two nurses approached her saying that she would not be allowed back in the building. They also told her that if she went back in, the police would have to arrest her. At 11:30 p.m., she went back to her home. At 2:22 a.m. on June 28, Joe Crochet was pronounced dead without family but with one of the residents, Samuel Davis, at his side during his final moments.

According to Davis, Crochet's last words before his death were, "They said I push the button too much."

Daniel Crochet and Guidry were banned from the nursing home on police orders. Later on, Guidry received word that the police were looking for her after another incident when she and four others went to get Crochet’s stuff from the home.

She said that they would not leave without Crochet's things. While they were waiting outside, Crochet's belongings were gathered. Guidry said she was accused of posting pictures on Facebook without Crochet's permission. Kennedy then told her that she could get a fine.

Another issue came at Joe’s wake. The same patient that stayed with Crochet during his final moments, Davis, couldn’t find a ride to the wake. After hours of supposed back and forth between Davis, his family, Guidry, and Kennedy, he was finally allowed the usage of the vehicle.

During the wake however, a police officer arrived saying that he was to talk to Davis and make him go back home. Davis said the officer left after speaking with him.

The Donaldsonville Chief contacted Kennedy for an interview and tour of Chateau D'Ville, but Kennedy denied both requests. According to, Chateau D'Ville carries a 4-out-of-5-star rating.