Around Town December 28

Juanita Pearley
Louis “Boo” Leblanc and Donaldsonville Rotary Club President Matt Leblanc

Rotary News

Service above self

Rotarian Louis “Boo” Leblanc received the “Service above Self” award from the Donaldsonville Rotary Club at this year’s Christmas social. The award was presented for Leblanc’s outstanding service, contribution and dedication to Rotary. The honor was bestowed upon Rotarian Dave Leblanc to make such a presentation to his father. Pictured are Rotarian Louis “Boo” Leblanc and Rotary President Matt Leblanc.

A modern day Christmas

The Emmanuel Baptist Church Sunday School Ministry presented its 6th annual Christmas play with a modern day twist. Setting the scene as a typical school day with the activities thereof, it began with a young student confining in her church Pastor, played by no other than EBC’s very own Pastor Charles Brown, Sr. The question was asked “Why did Jesus have to be born in a stable around the animals?” It is known to everyone at school of Mary and Joseph’s situation of a post on social media. Both were being rejected by their schoolmates just as the original story is known. The cast continued to set the scene of the three wise men travel, and the angel, Gabrielle, to proclaim the coming of the king. The grand finale was the entire cast rapping to a song about the true reason for the season.