The new family time: raising backyard chickens offers family bonding, educational opportunities

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Donaldsonville Chief

Backyard poultry ownership is a growing phenomenon in recent years as Americans have taken control over their family meals with an all-natural, homegrown food source. Now experts say more and more people are making the jump into backyard poultry for an added benefit: family time.

Raising poultry is the perfect activity to promote bonding and interactive educational experiences for the entire family. “I’ve been raising chicks with my family for the past year, and I can already see the benefits it’s instilling beyond our backyard—just like what I repeatedly hear from our customers,” said Neely Green, a mother of three and Tractor Supply Company’s national marketing manager. “In addition to creating opportunities for our family to have fun, unplugged time together, this experience has taught us important lessons in responsibility, reaping the rewards of hard work, and how to eat well and live sustainably.”

To help families get started raising poultry, Tractor Supply is hosting Chick Days at stores nationwide, including the Donaldsonville location, through April 29. The 10-week springtime event features live baby chicks and ducklings along with the supplies and expertise needed to begin or grow a backyard flock.

“As parents, it’s our job to teach our children personal responsibility and healthy behaviors,” said Green. “Raising backyard poultry provides parents with so many teachable moments, like collecting the eggs, caring for live animals and proper handling guidelines—including the importance of washing your hands—to ensure the safety of your flock and yourself.”

New this year to Chick Days, families can get started with backyard poultry by purchasing a minimum of four chicks in select states with the flexibility to mix and match with ducklings. In addition to purchasing chicks and ducklings on-site, the event features a one-stop shop for all the items needed to begin the process, including starter kits, feed, bedding, heat bulbs and lamps, coops, and more, along with the guidance of expert Tractor Supply team members.

Outside of Chick Days, Tractor Supply stores are stocked year-round with the items needed to properly raise and care for backyard poultry. Enthusiasts can visit for an expanded selection and year-round availability of poultry products and live birds.

Visit for expert information on safe handling and care for poultry, building a chicken coop, and more. Backyard poultry rules and regulations vary by city, county and state, so check with your local government before purchasing. Learn more about in-store chick and duckling arrivals by following Tractor Supply on Facebook or visiting your local store, which you can find at

Contributed by Tractor Supply Co.