DHS holds Career Day

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Donaldsonville High School played host to a career fair on Friday and featured not only students from DHS but also eighth graders from Lowery Middle School to get a taste of things to come. More than 30 professional, education, and military fields were on-hand.

Part-time career coach LaTonya Calvey worked hard to help organize the career fair event. She said students have uncertainties. They have multiple interests.

"A career fair will give [an undecided student] the opportunity to talk with different professionals about which path to take," Calvey said. "They can ask, 'What is your day like? What was your education?'"

Parent facilitator with the Ascension Parish School Board Wanda August said, "Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. And today this is going to be a great impression on our students."

With that idea in mind, students poured into the gym at DHS in waves to get career advice from professionals in all arenas of the nation's workforce and higher education.

"The career fair today and the Freshman Frenzy is a great success primarily because one of the most important things with can give to kids is an opportunity to see a different outcome," Assistant Principal Michael Hilton said.

Representatives from local corporations like BASF, Shell, and Methanex were on hand to discuss futures in engineering. LSU, RPCC, and Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology were also represented to talk about college.

Brenna Vial of BASF discussed the BASF Tech Academy Program in partnership with RPCC. It is by application.

"The students will learn about technical careers with RPCC, and everyday students will go on a field trip if they are learning about drafting or welding or things like that," Vial said. "Last year we went to NASA. We went to Smith Tank and Steel, Emerson Technologies--a couple different places--and then the last day they actually get to come to BASF. They have a panel with operations people in technical careers, and they get to go on a plant tour. It's completely free, they just have to provide their own transportation."

"We are here to support the career fair at Donaldsonville High," City Councilman Lathaught Delaney said. "To actually see the companies the kids can work at is awesome for them."

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