Fire Station #110 construction begins

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
It’s official! The new Donaldsonville fire station construction begins.

The Donaldsonville Fire Department is on its way towards having a new, state of the art fire station built on Marchand Drive.

Thursday, August 2 the fire department and elected officials invited the public to the future site of the new station.

Red shovels were used by Fire Chief James MacDonald, Assistant Chief Travis Cedotal, State Fire Marshal H. "Butch" Browing, Mayor Leroy Sullivan, and the City Council to turn over the first dirt. It was a ceremonious display.

Moreover, the City Council presented former Fire Chief August Bradford, who served from 1980-92 with a service award at the ceremony.

"Mr. Bradford was very instrumental for the Fire Department of the City of Donaldsonville," Mayor Leroy Sullivan said.

The history of the Donaldsonville Fire Department dates back to 1873. A booklet created by former Fire Chief Kirk P. Landry featuring pictures dating back to 1874 was given to guests. Food and refreshments were served.

"Donaldsonville's got a long, rich history in the fire service," Chief James MacDonald said. "There was a quote in the book that caught me. 'The new venture should receive the encouragement and assistance of every merchant and citizen of the town. As an existence of the fire company will be an advantage to all directly or indirectly interested in preservation of property or the reduction of exorbitant rates of insurance.'"

Chief MacDonald thanked everyone in attendance for their support. The local firemen were acknowledged for their service. Representatives from Domain Architecture and Capitol Construction also spoke on their companies' behalf.

The Donaldsonville Fire Department is graciously accepting volunteers. It is a great opportunity to become a certified life-saver and to gain advancement in courage. With the new station coming likely within the year, there has never been a better time to get involved.

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