Waffles, waffles, and rebranding

Darian Graivshark
Comfort Inn employees and guest's take a photo with their national waffle day sign.

From National Cheese Day to National Tree Day, there is a designated day picked to celebrate something every month.

Comfort Inn Donaldsonville celebrated National Waffle Day from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on August 24. Breakfast typically starts for guests of Comfort Inn at 6 a.m. every morning. The waffles are a signature of Comfort Inn Hotels and guests can choose between a plain or strawberry waffle with butter or syrup to top it off.

Not only was the company celebrating National Waffle Day, but it was how "Comfort Says Thanks." "Comfort Says Thanks" was a way for the company to thank its business partners and the community with an open house for those who came to the event.

"National Waffle Day and 'Comfort Says Thanks' is a way for us to bring in our community to show them what type of hotel we are," Denny Humphrey, General Manager of Comfort Inn Donaldsonville, said. "We've had people from the Chamber of Commerce, police department, and fire department come, to name a few."

While guests got to enjoy waffles by attending the event, one also had the opportunity to get a tour of the rooms Comfort has to offer. Some of these rooms aren't offered by competing hotels. Many of them are spacious, yet offered for a valuable price. If you like the rooms now, though, you're in for a treat.

"Two days ago we looked at a new renovation plan to improve the quality for our guests," Humphrey said. "This was implemented because we are coming up on our ten year anniversary. We'll be rebranding and moving towards a more hip, modern design to compete with other hotels."

However, Comfort cannot use their new logo design until they renovate 100% of the hotel.

Employees of Comfort Inn Donaldsonville are also excited for the renovation to be complete. They are hoping that their event for National Waffle Day and "Comfort Says Thanks" gives them a little taste of how great their customer service is and how it helps them be different from their competitors.

"Hospitality is in our blood," a front desk agent, Leslie, said. "We are very focused on the guest and their experience from the moment they get into the parking lot."

"Hospitality is in the heart of all of our employees," Humphrey said. "It is important to have the people that we do because it is something they love, and it shows."

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