Around Town

Juanita C. Pearley

Jeffery Henry Day

October 19, 2018 was proclaimed by Parish President Kenny Matassa as Jeffery Henry Day. His dedication to the community, church, and his service on local boards are the reasons for his recognition. Jeffery also recently celebrated his birthday on the same day. Congratulations to him!

Women Day

St. James United Methodists Church in Belle Rose celebrated their annual women day last Sunday. Minister Brandy Wiltz-Moss was the guest speaker, bringing the Word of Women, Cares, and Prayers. Chairperson Bernella Williams and Pastor Alton Preston thanked everyone for coming and supporting the program.

A Man, A Dog and the Mississippi

Upon awakening in a hospital after being on life support and told he had a limited time to live, Kelly Phillips made a life changing decision that would change his life and his way of looking at it. The once owner of five businesses was stripped to only the cash he had on hand. Phillips informed his brother he wanted to buy a houseboat and travel down the Mississippi River. When he ran out of funds, he never gave up because God would always provide. The people alone the river are loving, caring, giving. They have been there for him even without asking. Phillips had to dock here because of his illness, which caused him a hospital visit. Phillips was a guest at the Donaldsonville Rotary Club meeting last week, where he shared his story with members. Pictured is Phillips with friends he met in Donaldsonville during his travel.

Rotary News

Rotarian James MacDonald gave a demonstration to club members of the toddler manikin, and how to preform life saving techniques. This program will be available for the public or any club, school, or organization that would be interested in having the program presented to them. Contact Fire Chief MacDonald at the Donaldsonville Fire Department. The Donaldsonville Rotary Club meeting is held every Thursday at noon at Cafe Lafourche.