Donaldsonville Rotary holds Christmas luncheon for seniors

Darian Graivshark
Outside of the Palazzo Bernardo where students sat to eat some lunch after they were hard at work helping the seniors.

Out comes good ole Saint Nicholas ringing his golden bell to create excitement.

As he walks out the door, the seniors and children cheer for his safe arrival from the North Pole. His suit is bright red and beard is a clean white. It's always nice to see him around before Christmas night.

Jolly music played in the background, while murmurs of talk filled the air, and children laughed at their jokes to one another. December 12 was full on joy at the Palazzo Bernardo in Donaldsonville. The Rotary's Annual Senior Christmas Luncheon event was happening there, which they sponsor every year.

Tall trees adorned with white lights and golden decorations sparkled as you walked past, and they all shined at different angles. Garland hung around doorway entrances, gleaming with more white lights, and red ribbons accented many of the decorations. Some ceiling ornaments hung at the entrance of the event, too, offering more spirit for the season.

While many of the seniors waited for the food to be served, they sat at their tables and mingled with one another. Students from different schools would bring them drinks at request. Ascension Catholic, Donaldsonville High, and Donaldsonville ROTC were there to help with the event.

"We have an Elvis impersonator that will be performing during the event soon," Rotarian Don Guillot said. "There are over 300 senior citizens here today, not including all of the students here helping. We probably have a little over 350 total in attendance."

Cliff Ourso bought and donated the food that was cooked at the event.

The community wanted to thank the Rotary Club for putting on this event for them to attend, as well as Mr. Bernardo for offering the venue for them to have the Christmas party at. It was a great way for them to bring Ascension seniors together to share some holiday spirit.

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