Wally Taillon cooks Jambalaya for Lowery Middle

Darian Graivshark

World Champion Cooks from the Jambalaya Festival Association were cooking on-site on April 2 throughout schools in Ascension.

Partnering with Ascension Public Schools Child Nutrition Program, the Jambalaya Festival Association cooked award-winning jambalaya for eight middle school cafeterias.

Many of the cooks began around 5 or 6 in the morning at the schools. Faculty and students were in for a special treat when it came time for lunch.

Cooks included Wally Taillon at Lowery Middle, Mike Gonzales at Dutchtown Middle, Jeff Parent at Prairieville Middle, Jody Elisar at Central Middle, Joey Cornett at Lake Elementary, Hoss Reine at Gonzales Middle, Cade Lanoux at Galvez Middle, and Jarrett Marchand at St. Amant Middle.

"I enjoy being a part of this, and enjoy being able to work with the women who work in the cafeteria here," Wally Taillon said. "They're really fun to talk to. I know they did this back in 2014, and decided to bring it back this year. This school provided us with all of the ingredients. We just had to make it for everyone."

This event was not open to the public due to limited availability.

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