Around Town

Juanita Pearley

Wearing Too Many Hats

The Mt. Zion Baptist Church hat program was a big hit and an elaborate show of hats. Members, visitors, and friends came together to strut their hats. Both men and women took part in the "Wearing Too Many Hats" program. From the fancy, beautiful church hat, to the casual sporty baseball cap, everyone showed off their hats. Giving a history of the origin of hats to the definition and meaning of hats, it was a show worth seeing. The guest speaker was Sis. Alexis Graves of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in St. James, La. Program coordinator Sis. Diane H. McKinney gave blessings to all in attendance and to those that participated. It truly was a Sunday morning hat show on display.

Family and Friends Day

Pastor Charles R. Brown, Sr. and the Emmanuel Baptist Church celebrated its annual Family and Friends Day worship service on Sunday, July 21. From the worship service and message given by Pastor Roland Julian, to the food, fun, and games, it was a day filled with love. Pastor Roland Julien and the St. Phillip Baptist Church family was the guest church. Everyone gathered at the Frank Sotile Pavilion to enjoy a delicious meal and fun and games. From musical chairs for the little ones to the kissing game for the married couples, it was a beautiful event.

Sweet Skin – A Kennedi Kreation

It's just for kids made by a kid, but yes everyone can use them. Kennedi Owens, a 10 year old with her own business of personal care products made with all natural ingredients, has produced lip gloss, facial wash, deodorant, and lotion just for kids. As Kennedi pointed out in her presentation, "we are kids, not babies, not toddlers, not teens, and certainly not adults. We're just kids who need our own products." Kennedi said to check out her Facebook at to see more about the products. Thanks Kennedi for your products just for kids, and good luck and much success.

Double Bagging

Couples, family, and friends joined in the bagging of sandbags in anticipation of the storm. Donaldsonville residents prepared for what could be, just in case. Thankfully we were spared this time.

Tree Take Down

A mobile home was just one of the damages sustained by residents in Donaldsonville. The owner decided to relocate to her sister and was not at home at the time. By midday on Monday the tree had been cutup and removed from the property.

A Special Note

A special note to Ace Hardware and Midway Grocery for serving the community so faithfully during the storm. It was very much appreciated for being there for everyone when needed!