Around Town

Juanita C. Pearley
Donaldsonville AARP Chapter and guest Susan Jumonville (seated far right).

Remembering the Angels

Guest speaker for the Donaldsonville AARP Chapter this month was Susan Jumonville. Susan inspired the members with her story of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Speaking on how she and her daughter came together alone with Father Jules to discover a way to turn an old school into a shelter for those victims of the storm. The information she shared brought back tears for some. She mentioned that they housed up to 170 people in the shelter with only the generosity of local and surrounding area residents to keep things going for six weeks.

Although some donations did come from large corporations. Telling of all the blessings received during that time was very heartwarming, from a local pharmacy that donated and paid for all of the co-pays for those needing their medications filled, to Orpha sending a private jet to pick up a four-year-old boy so he could be reunited with his mother, whom he was separated from. Her story was truly about love, compassion, and a lot of prayers.

Jumonville said she remembers the child saying, "look at all the Angels," but all she could see were the volunteers working at the shelter. As she looks back at the entire situation, she now sees the angels that he saw. Upon ending her presentation, she gave everyone a card with their first angel feather to start their wings of service to become a blessing to others.

AARP's next meeting will be held at the Donaldsonville Library on Monday, October 28, 2019 at Noon.

Rotary News

C. J. Bellina made Rotary club members excited to have LSU women's head coach Nikki Caldwell Fargas as the guest speaker. Coach Fargas and her staff were just as happy to be invited. Also, in attendance was the voice of LSU sports announcer, Chris Blair.

Blair spoke to the club about the future of LSU football season. Although Blair's speech was a little longer than expected, he did allow a few minutes for Coach Fargas to express her thoughts on the women basketball players on the team. She stated the ladies are looking great and ready for another season.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan presented Fargas with a key to the city, saying it was by special request, although he believes she received one on her last visit. Fargas replied, "now I have two."

Next, Lt. Michael Brooks and staff from the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office Substation was the guest at the August 15 meeting. Lt. Brooks gave club members information about on the programs offered to the children of the community and how effective their presence has been on everyone.

This facility is something we have been needing for a while, Brooks stated, and Sheriff Webre will continue to provide the services necessary for the enrichment and development of the community. Lt. Brooks welcomes everyone to come by and visit and see what it is they have to offer, from the playgrounds to the learning center, there is something for everyone to take advantage of.