Letter to the editor: "Coach" Thomas thanks constituents of District 1

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief
Alvin "Coach" Thomas Jr.

Overwhelming, I say "Thank you for all of your continued prayers, time, hard work, and dedication. One of our goals has become a reality: we won. I say "we" because there is no strength, direction, or power in just one. For it has been said, "Together we stand and divided we fall." All greatness comes from recognizing and acknowledging Jesus Christ, the one who did it for us.

As your Councilman of District 1, I will keep a servant's heart and step out on faith to reach beyond life's service with God's direction to bring into reality the manifestation of the goals given to me.

I will work diligently to meet the needs of the citizens, the parish, and the community. For the vision is not just mine. It is yours and it is the will of God.

I will continue to do my best while children, women, men, and all families through civic involvement, economic development, and community outreach. Staying knowledgeable, alert, focused, and committed to the people and the people's well-being is my mission.

I look forward to a successful, united, prosperous, and meaningful term. Again, thank you and let us continue to stand, work, and believe together. For the best is yet to come.

Gratefully yours,

Alvin "Coach" Thomas Jr.

Councilman-elect District 1