Martin takes music to Hollywood


Donaldsonville’s own Lenise L. Martin is set to take his musical talents to Los Angeles, California. Martin is known by his music name as “Len From Da Lane” and has been making an impact on the local area for the last 10 years. Now, Martin says he’s met the right people to propel him forward.

“It starts with the small things, but it feels good to represent Donaldsonville,” Martin said, who’ll be in Los Angeles from March 25 to March 31.

One of the area’s favorite songs by Martin is “Ay Girl.” However he has done a musical tribute to inspire and encourage the community when the young Alaija Dorsey from St. James was missing.

“It spread viral in just a few days,” Martin said, “but it was song to help find her and encourage the community, and I got a lot of good feedback from it.”

And after meeting with several different agencies, the talented young artist is taking his career to Hollywood to meet with some of the record labels in hip-hop to discuss future goals.

Right now CBI (Construction Contractors) pays his bills and he is living for today and not off of what’s about to happen.

“But still in all, I’m thankful,” Martin said. “I know I have a God-given talent, but I know I need to work to take care of my family.”