Buena Vista Choir performs Black History Month program

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Screen shots taken from a Black History Month choir program at the Donaldsonville branch of APL.

Music Ministry Director of the Buena Vista Baptist Church Choir Geralyn Smith said she was just grateful for the opportunity to perform last week at the Donaldsonville library.

"They could have called on so many others, and it would have been equally as nice or even better," she said.

The program was held tightly to an hour. It featured at least five songs, a dance routine and a spoken- word poem performed by Rachelle Green called "Still I Rise."

The front room at the library was truly transformed into a place of honor and worship. People sat from wall-to-wall to hear the choir perform. During the performance the audience showed their spirit by standing or clapping along to the music in harmony and praise.

Librarian Ethel Rosemond should be given some credit for dreaming up the program, or at least getting Buena Vista to come, but it may be safe to say that everyone could have been part of the performance that was something of a dream.

The full program was live-streamed on the Chief Facebook page and is still available. It has been viewed 2,500 times on the social media site with an abundance of positive comments and feedback. We are very proud to have been a small part of it.

The students in the choir are mostly from Donaldsonville or St. James. Latrent White was on the drums, and Smith said that if she needs help he will lead the group. The Buena Vista Baptist Church is located in St. James, just outside of Donaldsonville. It has been around for nearly 150 years.

"It went better than I thought," Smith said.

Smith said that the choir does not travel in order to perform often, but if there is an engagement opportunity they'll go.

"I guess we go wherever God sends us," she said. "If there is a ministry opportunity, then we'll try to make it."

She has been directing the choir for nine years. There is also an adult choir.