Led Zeppelin tribute band, Swan Song, hopes to make impression on Lafayette's music scene

WaTeasa Freeman
Lafayette Daily Advertiser

Celebrating a band loved by millions was one of the main influences for Lafayette tribute band Swan Song. Performing some of Led Zeppelin's greatest hits and bringing the art of rock and roll to stages across Louisiana, Swan Song hopes to make a lasting impression in Lafayette's music scene.

Named after Led Zeppelin's record labelthe band was created by Abi Clair and Glenn DeLaune. The duo met during a studio session when Clair was recording original music.

"The producer hires this guy to come play guitar for my song," Clair explains." It ended up being Glenn, and he's an incredible musician. Oh my gosh, like he's been in multiple bands. Like he's just an all around master musician. When he was in the studio, he started playing a Led Zeppelin song on guitar and I ran into from the other room."

I was like, 'Dude, I know the song. I'm gonna sing it'. Then we go back to the other room and he started to test me starting to see if I know it. He plays this obscure Led Zeppelin song and I know every single word."

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Swan Song - Glenn Delaune and Abigail Pritchard perform at Ruin in Lafayette, LA.  Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022.

Clair was born and raised in Lafayette and grew up in a family of music lovers. She began playing guitar at age 9 and loved singing and playing with her parents. Her family enrolled her in classes at Lafayette's School of Rock and she realized singing was her passion. Her fathers love for classic rock especially Zeppelin heavily influenced her musical style.

Following the first studio session, DeLaune was surprised at Clair's knowledge of Zeppelin's music. They both have a passion for the music and decided to bring that to the stage. DeLaune has been performing since the late 1970s and was in another tribute band when Swan Song was formed. 

"I'm in a Rush tribute band. We call ourselves Temples of Syrinx," DeLaune says "In high school that was all I listened to You know? Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes, (and) Kansas. 

DeLaune has been performing professionally since about 1979 as part of a band called Gangster. The group toured the country until the mid 90s. Raised in Parks, Louisiana he started playing learning guitar around age 5 from his Grandfather who was a self taught musician. Music has always brought joy to his life and he loves how much joy it brings to others. 

Abigail Pritchard performs with Glenn DeLaune at Legends Pub in Lafayette, LA. Thursday, Jan. 27, 2022.

While practicing DeLaune and Clair discovered they are distant cousins which was exciting and has made the duo even closer. Although they come from different generations, their combined love for music and performance has bloomed into a group they are both proud of. 

Clair is excited to share her solo project "Pillow for Your Thoughts" this spring where DuLaune's instrumentation can be heard as well.

Swan Song has recently introduced a band to accompany the duo in performing. Their next performance is April 9 at the Ruins in Lafayette. For upcoming dates, private booking and more visit their website www.swansong-online.com. Follow them www.instagram.com/abi.clair and www.instagram.com/swansongonline

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