Led by the Holy Spirit

DeRon Talley, EDITOR
A member of the preachers team blocks the shot of a member of the teachers team in Monday's game. The preachers won 41-39.

When the Lord is for you, who can be against you. The Minister's Alliance of Donaldsonville gathered to play a friendly basketball game against the DHS teachers Monday night at the DHS gym. After trailing for all but the last two minutes of the game, the preachers won 41-39 to upset the teachers in the second annual game between the two sides. Last year the teachers won, but this year the ordained crew rallied for the comeback.

"It's always fun to get with ministers in the Donaldsonville area," Dr. Esrom Pitre said, DHS principal. "We really had a great time with our students and the community being here. We enjoy giving back to the community and this is one of the ways for our faculty to give back."

The game is a fundraiser for the Minister's Alliance to help those families in need, whether for victims of house fires or those who struggle paying monthly bills. President of the local Minister's Alliance, Rev. Melvin Williams of First Baptist Church came with the idea to play the game against the teachers. Williams and the other ministers do other things for the community and the kids and Pitre said the alliance has even donated ipads to the school for academic help. As far as the basketball game goes, Williams says they do it all for the community.

"It's just fun," Williams said about hosting the game. "We're doing it for the community, not for ourselves and we want everybody to enjoy it and be happy and have a good time."

The game brought a lot of attention and support from the community as the DHS gym was filled with church members and students. Refreshments were served, but nothing was as quenching as the come-from-behind win the preachers had against the teachers. It was like a magical comeback, led by the Holy Spirit.

"It was an exciting game, we just came up a little short tonight," Pitre said about losing to the preachers.

Pitre suffered a minor muscle strain in the first half of the game that sidelined him early, but he came back in the fourth quarter to try and help seal the win for the teachers. Unfortunately, the preachers had help from above.

Pitre added, "I think we are going to get them next time."