Principal for the Day

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

The students at Belle Rose Primary are rewarded for their positive behavior with Wildcat bucks.  The students can save their bucks to purchase items such as taking off their shoes in class, bringing a snack to school, getting a No Homework pass, etc.  The most expensive item is “Principal for the Day” which costs 200 bucks.  It takes a lot of time and persistence for a student to save that many bucks.  Last month, Ronia Guillory, a first grade student in Mrs. Grace Savoie’s class, saved 200 bucks and was Principal for the Day!  Mrs. Angela Gregoire, the principal at Belle Rose Primary, was absent that day, so Ronia acted as principal with the assistant principal, Mrs. Iris Breaux.  She did a fantastic job, and it was a great day for Ronia and for the school!