Fourth graders communicate with President Obama

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief
The letter President Obama responded with to the LOES fourth grade Magnet class, an autographed picture of the president, map of the White House and information on Bo, the First Dog.

Fourth grade Magnet students at Lowery Elementary have been very interested in the political process and their teacher, Mrs. Maryam Diaab, has taken that interest and capitalized on it. During the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, the students were required to watch a presidential debate, run for “President” of the 13 Colonies and write letters to their favorite Presidential Candidate wishing him good luck in the upcoming election.

All that hard work paid off for the students when a letter came from President Barack Obama, an autographed picture, map of the White House and information on the First Dog, Bo.

The fourth grade Magnet students learned a lot about politics, U.S. Government and each received a copy of correspondence they will no doubt cherish for a lifetime.