Ascension Master Gardeners plant 'Paperwhites' with Gonzales Healthcare residents

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

LSU AgCenter Ascension Master Gardeners visited with the residents of Gonzales Healthcare Center and assisted them with planting 'Paperwhite' Narcissus bulbs. The residents were each given a Christmas mug to plant their bulbs into and take to their rooms to enjoy the wonderful fragrance that the 'Paperwhite' bulbs will produce.

Ascension Master Gardeners who participated are:

Val Ann Theile, Mary Jo Pohlig, Happy Haptonstall, June Thomas, Glenda Grice, Amy Grayson, Emily Young, Marilyn Rice, Sheila Billingsley, Jamie Trisler, Becky Floyd, Duke Soulier. A special thanks to those who provided the Christmas mugs & planting material for this project. Please visit our Facebook page under Ascension Master Gardeners for updates on gardening information through the LSU AgCenter.