Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane featured at River Road Talent Night

Staff Report
River Road Talent Night producer Ruth Williams stand with Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane after the show Wednesday night at the Cypress Café.

The River Road Talent Night hit big last week with Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane as the featured act. With its first fully packed house, Kane was able to drop in and read excerpts from some of her favorite pieces of work.

Kane is a Boston, Massachusetts native, and a longtime resident of Louisiana. She has written six books, which include three collections of poetry.

Kane’s first piece she read explained her first arrival to Louisiana when she first moved south. She said she noticed an enormous amount of dead armadillos. She said she often wondered where were the alive ones.

Kane said the thing that has helped her in poetry is “some things just stick in your mind.”

Others performed at the talent night as well coming as far as from Plaquemine. Students Brandon Montgomery and Myiesha Bell did a choreographed duo dance under the group name of “Dynamic Duo.”

Also, St. James artist Lisa Samuels displayed some of her paintings and spoke briefly about them.