KKAY 1590 AM covers you spiritually, safely

Members of KKAY 1590 AM’s personality team, owner Freddie Allen and wife Janette, stand pictured with Rick Webre of the Ascension Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

What the Lord has for you, it is for you. Just ask Rev. Freddie Allen, Sr. Allen and wife Janette have their hands on a lot of different things, but it all rests in God’s hands he said. He is the owner of Sonic Drive-in in Donaldsonville, Pastor of Liberty Community Fellowship Church in Sorrento, and now KKAY 1590 AM located on Railroad Avenue in Donaldsonville.

In the beginning of 2014 he bought the radio station and said it’s not just a gospel station, “it’s going to benefit everybody.”

“I believe this opportunity came from a higher power,” Allen said about the station. “The assurance of the things that are happening now.”

KKAY not only sends gospel messages, but also is in connection with the Ascension Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

“We have it so where even if we lose power, KKAY is still viable because we can broadcast through the homeland security office,” Allen said. “We’ve covered every avenue to keep the station alive in any situation. The stability and growth of the station long-term and it’s going to take a Mack truck to move me out of this.”

Allen said the station is equipped to be a servant to the community spiritually and in case of emergency. Whether it’s a natural disaster or man-made disaster, KKAY is the source for the information needed on it.

“If you really want to know what Entergy is saying about Donaldsonville, or a White Castle, this is it,” Allen said. “We’re not interested in the updates on what’s going on in New Orleans, we’re able to provide information for what’s going on right here and information that’s relevant to our people.”

Rick Webre of the Ascension Parish Office of Homeland Security said the initiative his office entered with KKAY is because all of the other media platforms it has “are fine as long as you have electricity.”

“As soon as electricity goes away these platforms kind of die,” Webre said, referring to Television and Internet. “Nothing beats radio, as long as you can maintain a signal through radio and you have a battery-operated radio in your house, you’ll get the information. Radio works.”

“It’s really important that you maintain a battery-operated AM/FM radio,” Webre said. “KKAY 1590 AM will be broadcasted live for the things around you here and that concern you here.”

“It’s a great relationship we have with KKAY, it’s a really good program.”

KKAY 1590 AM also launched its new website at www.kkayglobalradio.com Allen said the website itself is unique and is set so “you can be ministered to at any time anywhere.”

KKAY also will still cover high school football games in the fall and has several radio personality hosts.

Personalities: Brandon Hawthorne, Larry Smith, Quincy Davis, Dhi Dhi West, Don O’Bear, Wanda August, Mike Leblanc – Bayou Mike, Lionel “Jaguar” Franklin make up KKAY’s new team.

Allen said it’s awesome to watch what it’s doing now as far as support from the community, the churches and sponsors.

“The overall attitude of Donaldsonville is positive about it,” Allen said. “When you have the town, the local churches, pastors, businesses, city government and now the parish government behind you that says something about an AM radio station.”

Allen added, “We’re hoping to get our industries involved with us and bringing their positive images they have in to help support us and serve the community with information they have. With the growth that’s coming here, all that support behind the station and what it will do for the community and parish is just awesome.”

“We want to be about the community, we’re a gospel station that’s working toward the betterment of our community.”