Tau Kappa Omega participates in walk

Staff Report
Participating in the ESP Centennial Walk are Tau Kappa Omega members: Toyia Charles-Comminey, Olivia R. White, A. Denise Graves, Ira Dean Grace, Caronda Oubre, Quanda Charles, and Nita Ridley. Not pictured is Patrice Moss.

The Tau Kappa Omega Chapter, along with members of the Greater Baton Area Chapters of AKA and over 30,000 members of Alpha Kappa Alpha participated in a synchronized ESP 1908 Global Centennial Walk June 28, designed to raise awareness about the importance of fitness.

Linking hands and stepping off at the same time worldwide, the members sent a strong statement about the importance of emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Leading the walk in the worldwide event was International President Barbara A. McKinzie, who was joined by 50,000 members from over 900 chapters, as well as friends and families who recognize the significance of making one's health a

priority. Those who participated included members from every region, as well as in Canada, Germany, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas.

In setting to this historic walk, participants all faced in the direction of Washington, DC, where Alpha Kappa Alpha's Centennial convention takes place. After completing this month's two-mile walk, members will meet again at the Sorority's biennial convention on Sunday, July 13.

There, in another show of solidarity, members will walk 1908 steps to the Washington Convention Center. At the culmination of this event, President McKinzie will lead members into the Center and the historic Centennial convention will officially begin.

Tau Kappa Omega Chapter members participating in the walk were Ira Dean Grace,

Chapter Vice-President; Quanda Charles, Chapter Walk Representative, Olivia R. White, Toyia Charles- Comminey, Nita Ridley, A. Denise Graves, Caronda Oubre, and Patrice Moss. The Tau Kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated serves the parishes of Ascension, Assumption, Iberville and St. James.