Main-to-Main Cultural Roadshow on the Avenue

Allison B. Hudson
The entertainment continued as the Brass band got locals out of their seats at the Capitol Sports Bar and Restaurant Saturday.

As the sun went down and evening began on Saturday, Nov. 15, Railroad Avenue in the Historic Downtown of Donaldsonville was returned to a former era.  The sounds of music wafted through the cool winter air.  The steady beat of metal horseshoes signaled that the horse-drawn carriage was coming around the corner.  Also, the polite bows of southern gentlemen and curtsies of antebellum women signaled the return to a time long forgotten.  Visions of the future of Donaldsonville, nestled within its history--a return to the days when Donaldsonville was the commercial hub of the mighty Mississippi, the only stop between Baton Rouge and New Orleans by boat or train.

The Donaldsonville Downtown Development District would like to thank everyone who came out in support of our inaugural Avenue Evening Stroll, a Louisiana Main to Main Cultural Roadshow.  Those in attendance will surely never forget the fun and excitement of the event, which was the first of its kind in Donaldsonville.  The purpose of the event was to highlight the natural beauty and uniqueness of our great little river town, and I believe that we were successful in our goal--businesses remained open and full of holiday shoppers through the evening, the restaurants had lines out the door waiting for tables, and both museums received a steady flow of visitors throughout the evening.  It is this and other events like it that will push Donaldsonville into the limelight--as we continue to improve our downtown from within, the next step is to get the word out so people will know to stop in Donaldsonville.

The Downtown Development District would also like to personally thank everyone who played a role in making this event a success--from the people who volunteered tirelessly in preparation, to the volunteers on the evening of the event, to the businesses who remained open to serve visitors, to the citizens who came out to enjoy the evening.  Rest assured that this event will continue every November for many years to come, and that next year's event will be even bigger.  In addition to this year's amenities, visitors to next years Avenue Evening Stroll will also be able to enjoy the Donaldsonville Scenic Riverwalk--a city improvement five years in the making, which will be completed in time for the event.

Residents enjoyed various bands as they strolled up and down the Avenue.