Melancon brings home leadership award at conference

Allison B. Hudson
Lee E. Melancon III, Director of Academic Affiars for the University of Phoenix.

He has been employed with the University of Phoenix for ten years.

Melancon says that the role of Director is a lot of responsibility and things have to be in order.

“Knowing that being compared across a regional scale we were able to be recognized is very special to me,” he says. “The magnitude of this position is amazing and tremendous.”

Melancon says that by winning this award, he can relay to youth everywhere, especially in Donaldsonville that, “with motivation and drive, you can do what you want.”

He adds that higher education is not impossible and that youth today should not be afraid to try.

“As a resident of Donaldsonville, growing up in what most call poverty, it is not impossible to follow your goals and dreams,” he said. “You have to strive to be the best, and it will pay off in the long run.”